Chapter 7. Using Console Commands & Scripts

Here are some hints to using the command console.

The console is a Scheme interpreter as implemented by the Kawa Scheme system.

In general, console commands can be run by enclosing the command in round braces.

(<command> [parameters])

Values are specified in decimal. Hexadecimal value can be specified by enclosing the value in double quotes.

This command will read the option register.

#|NiceMon:1|# (read-flash "ffff")

Commands must be typed in after the last #NiceMon:x# prompt. Most of the time the cursor will be put there automatically but sometimes you have to scroll to the end of the buffer.

NiceMon will automatically run script files that can be customized for various targets and host configurations. Here is a sequence of events illustrating when the special scripts are run.